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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 16, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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>> reporter: there was a warmth in the middle of scalia's humor for all his combativeness. he had a gift for friendship. most famously with justice ruth bader ginsburg. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. >> we do. >> ruth is bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. >> reporter: when one of his many grand daughters graduated from high school in 2015, scalia offered advice -- >> never compromise your principles unless, of course, your principles are adolf hitler's. in which case you would be well advised to compromise them as much as you can. >> reporter: a funny man. the court and the country will be a duller place without him. for "nightline" i'm terry moran in washington. >> another side of a giant of the bench. thank you, terry moran, for that report. thank you for watching tonight. tune into gma first thing in the morning and as always, we're online 24/7 on our "nightline"
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developing right now, two men shot, one of them killed. now an active search for the gunman on the run. but first, from one extreme to another.
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it was about to snow tonight and now new worries. ice and heavy rain. >> we have several reports tonight. we begin with meteorologist lee goldberg at the weather wall. >> the coldest air in more than 20 years wasn't just going to step aside without a fight. that's what's happening tonight. we have the icing continuing. thankfully new york city, heavy rain, washing away about an inch, inch and a half of snow. we're still 2 degrees above the freezing mark. observe snowfall a little bit more in south shore of nassau county, 1 to 3 inches from the city north and west. now our concern, freezing rain advisory, interior new jersey goes till 2:00 in the morning. winter weather advisories for the far northern suburbs. flood concerns with a gusty southeast wind coming in tomorrow. heavy rain in new york city. it's heavy over lower westchester. long island as well. northern westchester in to northern new jersey it's freezing rain and snow leaving the catskills right now. look, only 32 in newark. 34 white plains. 23 in sussex.
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it's going to take about 4:00 in the morning for the suburbs to get in. there will be a lull of precipitation then more heavy rain, drenching downpours and gusty winds come in tomorrow afternoon. icing north and west slowly changes to rain overnight. you will have fog and that windswept soaking tomorrow afternoon will cause an inch of rain in just a few hours. more on that timing in the 7-day accuweather forecast in just a little bit. the sidewalks are slippery and slushy right now and the roads icy and dangerous. joe torres continues our coverage in westchester. >> right river parkway here and we experienced just about everything lee talked about. we had the snow. we had the sleet. and now it is rain right on the border of freezing rain. public works crews very busy. they were out with the plows and salt spreaders all in an effort to try to keep these roads passable.
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on the streets. on the roads. what an absolute mess for drivers. bob drove from the train station to the gas station. >> i was a little bit worried coming because you do need more stopping time definitely. >> reporter: here in white plains highway department workers tried to stay one step ahead of the snow, then the sleet, then the rain. loading up truck after truck with salt. we found a similar scene in northern westchester. public works crews in newcastle are in for a long night. >> the concern mostly is people shouldn't be driving when it switches to freezing rain and sleet. you can't drive on ice. you really can't drive on ice. if people would stay home the next four hours, it would be a lot safer. >> reporter: it turns out many people were home thanks to the president's day holiday. fewer drivers on the road left more room for plows and salt spreaders. >> it was a holiday but there was still quite a bit of traffic in yonkers. people shopping. people coming to visit yonkers.
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day, but yes, it has helped. >> i came from larchmont headed to chappaqua. 10 miles per hour at best. >> the holiday, a sword really. certainly a lot more room for the plows to be able to do their job, but all those guys working long and extra hours on holiday pay, overtime for many municipalities, that is a budget buster. live in newcastle tonight, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. it's going to be a long night for some folks on a flight that was supposed to land at jfk tonight. their delta flight from punta canna diverted from manchester, new hampshire because of the weather here. one problem, there are no customs officers at that airport so officers had to be brought in. passengers will be put in in hotels and will fly to jfk tomorrow. a foot of water on the streets of new rochelle and
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what a mess. a 16 inch water main breaking. josh einiger with the story in new rochelle for us. >> on cedar street here in new rochelle, it's shut down. here's why. you can see how that sidewalk buckled when that water main burst just a few hours ago. they're getting ready to tear up the streets to excavate, figure out exactly what happened here. we'll show you video as this was just getting underway. a 16-inch water main break that caused a flood, a serious flood here on cedar street and at some point shut off water service to much of the city and as you said to neighboring pelham, really a problem of water pressure more than anything else. the good news is that the water company, suez water, has been able to isolate businesses and buildings that are just right near this particular water main so most of the city has their
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they still need to get in underground and there could be further disruptions. back to a live picture on cedar street. you can see all the mud here, mud and rocks that came up with that water. the water has really receded although with all this pouring rain of course it is very damp. one of the businesses that's still affected in the background there is a radisson hotel but most of the customers affected are businesses. there's no one really affected by them at this point. we'll continue to follow this overnight. any further weather or water disruptions i should say we'll have for you on eyewitness news this morning starting at 4:30. the good news is it's warm now or at least warmer and all that water didn't immediately turn to ice. we're live in new rochelle, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. expect delays tomorrow if your morning commute involves grand central terminal. power problems tonight not completely repaired. a water main pipe burst and left
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power and in the dark. we're told the water has been removed and now crews are working overnight to get the power back on. metro north service is not impacted but the mta warns there could be half-hour delays tomorrow morning. now to a developing story. a murder mystery tonight in brooklyn. two men shot. one is dead. and right now new york police killer. it happened on east flatbush on east 56th street. carolina leid with the latest at the scene. >> as you mentioned, right now police are looking for one suspect. as you can see they are still conducting their investigation here. that vehicle belonging to one of the victims here. detectives have spent tonight going door to door talking to everyone they can, trying to get the information they need to get the clues to crack this case. >> reporter: a loud cry and a look of disbelief from friends in tonight's shooting. >> i don't know nothing. >> reporter: his father said very little, coming to grips
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the 33-year-old was shot in the face outside the family's east flatbush home. a 31-year-old man was shot in the back. he's at kings county hospital. >> we just heard gunshots and we thought it was like a regular shooting around the neighborhood but we didn't know it was here. and then when we went outside, we saw a body outside and another body. >> reporter: police right now trying to figure out what led up to this shooting. we don't know how or if the men even knew each other. family members say they too have few details. >> she just told me the guy got shot. >> reporter: it happened outside 219 east 56th street between church and snyder avenues. neighbors say a quiet block, normally free from crime. >> it gives me pause, makes me re-assess what i was thinking about the neighborhood. >> it's really sad. i hate to know something like
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i hope it never happens again. >> so far no arrests have been made. police looking for one suspect. reporting live in east flatbush, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. new video tonight of an armed suspect waving a gun on the streets of the bronx just before he was shot by police. it shows him acting erratically this afternoon while walking in the morrisania section holding a gun. officers were flagged down by witnesses who said the man was firing the gun and pointing it at drivers. police say the suspect was shot in the shoulder after he refused to drop his weapon. sources claim he admitted to being on drugs. the man charged with stabbing and killing his girlfriend and two of her children due back in court tomorrow on staten island. michael sykes pleading not guilty to murder and attempted murder. police say he stabbed cutler, their 19-month-old daughter and their 4-month-old daughter.
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wounds. the lawyer for spitzer insisting spitzer did not choke a young russian woman at the plaza hotel. police are investigating whether spitzer assaulted the 25-year-old after she told him she was going back to russia. spitzer's lawyer said the woman first said there wasn't assault then later recanted. she's now back in russia. now to vote 2016. hillary clinton will be in new york city tomorrow to meet with reverend al sharpton and other civil rights leaders. today the democratic presidential contender spent the day campaigning in nevada. clinton is now canvassing that state in south carolina ahead of primaries in both states looking for wins after suffering a big loss in new hampshire. bernie sanders courted the united auto workers. sanders stuck to familiar themes. livable wage, healthcare reform, and making college tuition affordable. as for the gop, donald trump going after fellow republican
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threatening to sue him over negative political ads. >> i think he's a very unstable guy and i must tell you one thing about that cruz. i have never ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> i'm ted cruz. >> in south carolina today trump demanding cruz retract what calls lies. otherwise trump says he'll file a lawsuit against cruz challenging the texas's senator's eligibility to serve in the white house because he was born in canada. less than a week to go before the primary, jeb bush is getting a boost from his older brother. telling the crowd at one point quoting, we need somebody to take a positive message across the country. concerns about some popular heartburn medications. dementia? >> don't let this happen in your bedroom. a warning from the nypd about this happened.
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new at 11:00, a warning tonight about the dangerous of sleeping with your cell phone. these pictures showing the aftermath of a cell phone overheating and catching fire in bed apparently under somebody's pillow while they were asleep. the nypd releasing an image of someone they want to lock up. a suspect slashed and forever scarred a college student across her face in the bronx. cops say he attacked the 20-year-old woman in the van ness section. when she refused to guv up her cell phone, a man slashed her across the face. a $2500 reward is offered in the case. new details about supreme court justice antonin scalia in the days before he died. his doctor saying the 79-year-old had a history of heart problems and high blood pressure and was considered too weak to undergo surgery for a recent shoulder injury.
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investigators determined no foul play. tough talks by pope francis. the pope is halfway through a five-day trip to mexico focusing largely on the plight to the poor. the pontiff led an outdoor service this afternoon in the stadium in the southern state of chiapas. he denounced the long history of exploitation and exclusion of mexico's indians. the planned parenthood clinic in colorado that became the scene of a deadly shootout is now reopened. crews are repairing damage to the building and security has been increased. gunmen killed a police officer and two officers at the facility. robert dear declared himself a warrior for the babies. he's being held at the state hospital undergoing a mental competency exam. alarming news tonight out of south america about the spread of the zika virus. more than 5,000 pregnant women in columbia now infected with the mosquito-borne virus. columbia's health institute issuing the warning today.
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constitution that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. change in the way the world perceives disability one step at a time on the runway a new york fashion week. shahali ayers walked the runway. she was born without a right arm below the elbow. she's the first ever amputee to walk at fashion week without a prosthetic. >> for me it's really important to provide something because you nev -- you never know who's watching. there might be someone who sees me and is inspired to be themselves. >> the brand ambassador for global disability inclusion which helps people with disabilities join the workforce. >> breaking down barriers one step on the runway at a time. >> looks fantastic. we've got icing to deal with tonight and other issues tomorrow. >> it's pouring out there. no evidence of snow in new york city. this is outside our studios on the west side.
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snow. you can see it on the car top in front of the studio. right now roadways are becoming wet. the problem is we're still below freezing north and west of new york city. we'll probably climb in to the low to mid 40s by morning. light rain and fog for morning commuters. looks like heavy rain and gusty winds. that will wait till midday. there will be a few hours of heavy rainfall and gusty winds. finally we get a quieter pattern that comes in midweek in to the upcoming weekend which will be 40 degrees warmer than it was this weekend. remarkable. temperatures north and west of i-287 are still in the mid 20s. it's in the 20s here and there's still freezing rain going on. along the coast it's already in the mid 40s here, approaching 50 in belmar right now. the temperature change in 24 hours is 36 degrees here. of course the warm air having a tougher time getting inland. areas of fog, the breezes are picking up.
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winds are gusting over 40 if not 50 miles per hour. the worst of it in the midafternoon then winding down as we enter the evening commute but it is going to be rough as we go to mid to late afternoon. still have your heavy icing. troy hills, over parts of the hudson valley. rain is about to get lighter in new york city. it's pouring over westchester and parts of fairfield county. still icing near danbury and the last moving through. the precipitation likely to come overnight hours. this pulls up in to the area afternoon time tomorrow. watch the futurecast here. by 4:00, 5:00 in the we're above freezing. early risers may run in to icy roads north and west. in the day it's light rain and fog in the morning and here comes this wall of heavy rain and gusty winds starting in western new jersey after lunchtime.
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swinging in to long island, connecticut 4:00 to 6:00. heavy rains could put in a quick amount of rainfall. in terms of the rainfall, an inch on average, maybe an inch and a half in a couple spots and look at these projected winds. snapshot around 3:00, 4:00. those purples over 50 miles per hour. potentially damaging winds along with the gusty rainfall. mild with light rain, drizzle, and fog before 7 a.m. wet roads. we started out the day at 47. we go to 55, windy and milder. heavy patch of rain. any given spot it's probably two or three hours. street flooding is a possibility. that will recede during the early evening hours. partial clearing and finally a quieter 7-day accuweather forecast. could be slippery spots wednesday morning. 45, clouds break for sun. sun on thursday and friday. upper 30s to lower 40s. in to the 50s this weekend. shower on saturday is probably in the morning. may not even be high enough with
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catch our breath. >> 0 to 55 in a new york minute. coming up next, the common heartburn medications and now dementia. >> also, apple about to make an what else is new. size. >> first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel to see who's on his show tonight. >> hello, new york. tonight david spade, derek hough, cousin sal, all new
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in tonight's health alert, troubling news about some of the most commonly prescribed heartburn medications. a new study shows prilosec and
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risk of dementia. scientists caution more research is needed. new tonight, apple's next big announcement will reportedly be for something small. according to reports, the company is said to release a new smaller iphone at an event next month. the iphone 5 se will feature a smaller screen but equipped with the latest technology in the iphone 6s. >> now officially need a scorecard to keep up with them. rob powers always has score cards. >> we tune in to some local college basketball. we've got baseball to talk about as well. straight ahead, sure sounds like met pitcher matt harvey wants to stick around for a while. we'll hear from him.
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been out so i like this time of year when you go to sports because we see blue skies, a lot of sunshine, green grass. >> thursday you'll see me in florida. cannot wait. somebody's got to do it. counting the days, baseball
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pitchers and catchers report for spring training later this week. matt harvey a big part of the world series push last season, said he's really excited about this season, talked about a chance to see the fellas again. he can be a free agent after the 2018 season but apparently would be willing to talk about a long-term deal to stay with the mets. >> i've never shied away from it. i never said i wouldn't consider it but i haven't heard anything considering that. >> the mets truck left citifield today headed for spring training. a lot of supplies the team will out. they'll take the midnight shift on the ride down. he stressed the importance of being a good teammate. when asked about a comeback, andy's comeback was huh-uh. ike davis signed with the texas rangers today. minor league deal with an invite
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32 homers in 2012. islanders against the red wings. been playing well on home ice and did so again today. thomas grice kept them in it. let's take one more look. 4-1 the final this afternoon in brooklyn. won four in a row at home. caps in town thursday then 12 of 14 on the road. rangers off until wednesday. they host the blackhawks followed by a trip to toronto thursday. rick nash today at the new york toy fair helping play mobile roll out its new nhl play sets. even though this is a toy, nash says he still won't touch that stanley cup. he's superstitious. he's missed nine straight games with the bone bruise in his left leg. >> hopefully going to try skating next week and go from there, hopefully everything will be good to go. injuries are obviously part of the game but it's frustrating when you can't be out there helping your team. college basketball, rutgers
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two weeks for a violation of team rules. that's four games. highest scoring freshman, over 16 points per game. earlier today liu brooklyn at st. francis brooklyn. frank and hernandez each scored 15. blackbirds win this one 82-67. led wire to wire for win number 13. stony brook getting votes tonight in the national polls, a current 18-game winning streak. that's the longest in the country. 22-4 overall, throwing 1-point win yesterday and in the espn top plays today with the lucas woodhouse to jemile werny dunk. while we wait for the nba season to start back up, we have this from the game. professional dunker during a timeout with what he calls the scorpion dunk. look at the reaction from the nba guys. [ laughter ] isn't that great? they are impressed. >> scorpion dunk.
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